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Winter 2017

MFNERC Cohorts

MFNERC’s Training Institute uses the term “cohort” a lot; and, simply put, it means a group of individuals who have something in common.

RISE cohort introductions

In regards to the cohorts we help facilitate, the term means a group of students moving through a program together. And that brings us to a couple of very exciting initiatives: the RISE cohort, and the Inclusive Language & Literacy cohort, both in partnership with the University of Manitoba.

RISE stands for Resource Inclusive Special Education and, at the beginning of November, 70 First Nations elementary, middle and high school teachers from every corner of the province gathered in Winnipeg to receive orientation on the program. These teachers/students will go on to complete 30 hours of course work throughout the year and, once completed, they will have earned a Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education. Their focus is inclusive special education. It is a huge milestone for all involved, specifically because all the teachers who are taking part are First Nations, and one of the fundamental goals of all of MFNERC’s cohorts is that the participants will take the knowledge back to their communities and help build inclusive classrooms, programs and activities with a First Nations focus.

The Inclusive Language & Literacy cohort is still in the development stage; however, a well-attended and very informative gathering took place at the beginning of December in order to hear from community members.

Held at the U of M, the goal of the gathering was information and discovery – learning what the communities want and need in order for the cohort to be successful. Discussion questions included: What is working effectively in our current literacy programs? What challenges do our literacy programs face? What do we value and appreciate most about our current language and literacy programs?

If you would like more information about our cohorts, please contact our Training Institute, 204-594-1290.

Charlotte Enns, from the U of M, introduces the cohort to students

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