National Cree Gathering

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National Cree Gathering

Fisher River Cree Nation welcomed and united members of the Cree Nation from all across Canada and the United States when they hosted the National Cree Gathering August 5- 7, 2011.

The theme for this year’s National Cree Gathering was, Creator’s Laws to Indian people. The purpose of the Cree Gathering is to affirm, share and preserve the culture, traditional knowledge and language of the Cree people.

The Gathering included delegates such as elders, volunteers, speakers, and most importantly, youth. There were workshops that had speakers who shared traditional knowledge about the land, resources, world views; plenary sessions which had outstanding Cree speakers, traditional ceremonies and storytelling and sharing circles. Outstanding speakers such as Francis McAdam, Alex Ahenakew and David Blacksmith travelled from afar to attend and share their knowledge. There were daily feasts and evening entertainment which were outstanding.

A key element which started off the National Cree Gathering was the Unity Run. This was an event in itself as the young runners showed great stamina and strength in achieving this goal. The celebration of this event was a blessing for a great start to the three day gathering. The MFNERC congratulates all the runners who took part in the Unity Run who ran from the Opaskwayak Cree Nation where last year’s event was held to Fisher River Cree Nation.

People from across Canada gathered and camped for the three days. The National Cree Gathering affirms what First Nations people have known and practiced for centuries; that unity within our families, communities and nations is our greatest strength.

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