It’s Our Time Education Tool Kit being Pilot Tested

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It’s Our Time Education Tool Kit being Pilot Tested

The Assembly of First Nations, along with MFNERC, MB Education, and MB Aboriginal and Northern Affairs have developed and designed a fabulous and fun new resource for teachers, administrators and anyone else with a desire to learn.

It’s Our Time First Nations Education Tool Kit is accessible and adaptable, with the goal of fostering a spirit of cooperation, understanding and action.

The Tool Kits come with three full baskets of information: posters, booklets, postcards, maps and other hands-on learning tools.

The Kit itself is rich with content; tools, resources, ideas, activities, and examples overflow in abundance. And it’s not just for students and teachers. The knowledge found within is for facilitators, administrators and other community stakeholders; it is for anyone who wishes to gain a better grounding in the knowledge of First Nations history and culture.

The school-based aspects of the Kit complement both FN and provincial curricula, and offer teacher friendly resources that can be used in creative and flexible ways.

The Manitoba specific basket

It is also enhanced by components that belong to a Manitoba context and focus on First Nations perspectives specific to Manitoba.
The Kit is currently being pilot tested in six schools (three First Nations and three provincial) in Manitoba. “We would love to one day see this kit in every school,” explains Violet Okemaw, Director of Support Services at MFNERC. “For our First Nations children, so they can learn more and be proud of their culture and history; but also to set the stage for a new relationship and understanding between First Nations and non-First Nations people.”

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