Dreams of the Youth

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Dreams of the Youth

Sponsored by the MFNERC language and culture department, various Youth Gatherings are held throughout the province during the school year.

Island Lake young people taking part in the group activities.

The purpose of these gatherings is for First Nations young people to learn about who they are and where they come from, in order to enstill pride and confidence. Also, to learn about future possibilities, education and career options. Approximately 25 young people were chosen from the Island Lake area to attend the Island Lake Youth Gathering in Winnipeg, March 18&19. The two-day event featured presentations, hands-on activities, entertainment, and sharing circles.

The young people who attended were very attentive to the speakers and presenters, and were encouraged to take back to their communities the things they learned. Topics covered included: The role of Elders, personal development, and the importance of language and learning from the land.

For more information contact:
Lyle Wood, First Nations Language and Culture Specialist

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