First Nations Education System Focus Group

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First Nations Education System Focus Group

For MFNERC, a close connection and consultative approach with First Nations leadership is vital. This week (March 25&26), we held a focus group in order to provide an opportunity for education leaders to voice their perspective on the progression of Manitoba education system developments. The framework for discussion focused on the past, present and future of First Nations education.

Discussing the future of First Nations Education in MB.

MFNERC realizes that discussion amongst our educational leaders is an essential part of the process to develop a common understanding. Facilitators for each of these three areas: (a) history; (b) present; and on the (c) development and future of education in Manitoba guided the discussion forum.

MFNERC’s Rebecca Ross, First Nations Education Systems Manager

Should you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Ross at (204) 594-1290 ext 2044.


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