Science Textbook to feature our own Wilfred Buck!

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Science Textbook to feature our own Wilfred Buck!

Pearson Canada is one of the country’s leading educational publishers, developing resources for all core curriculum subjects K-12. One such resource is the Pearson Science series of textbooks.

“This unique series is designed to support [teachers’] efforts to engage students through inquiry, sustainable development and Aboriginal perspectives.” (from

MFNERC is excited to announce that our very own Wilfred Buck, Science Specialist, is being featured in the Pearson Science 7: Manitoba Edition textbook. Under the heading, “Ask a Traditional Knowledge Keeper”, Wilfred’s feature talks about how he uses scientific knowledge to run sweat lodge ceremonies. As well, with Wilfred as an example, the textbook explains how Aboriginal peoples are hands-on scientists. They gather knowledge through ongoing and thorough observation of the environment, knowing that life is a constant flow and exchange of energy between living things.

Congratulations Wilfred!

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