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Student Transition Support

For Parents and Teachers! MFNERC now has Student Transition Support to help your child or student move smoothly from First Nation to public school.
It is a part of modern life in Manitoba that many of our children now walk in two worlds.  They have little choice but to do so when so many of them go from a First Nation school to a provincial school and then sometimes back again as they move between a reserve and a city. This is part of contemporary Canadian culture, but are our children adequately prepared to walk between these very different worlds?  We want all our students to succeed and hope that moving to a provincial school can work for them, but the question remains whether there is anything we as educators can do to help our students as they transition between reserves and cities.

To answer this question, MFNERC has named Wayne Grafton as Student Transition Support to help schools transition students from First Nation schools to public schools. The purpose of the Student Transition position is to support the educational success of students as they go between First Nation and public schools, and to support educators, stakeholders, and partners in transitioning students. Wayne can be reached at the MFNERC office on Waverley if you have any questions.  As well, he will be presenting at the upcoming Lighting the Fire Conference on May 8 on the topic of Student Transitioning.

Wayne Grafton, Student Transition Support
(204) 594-1290 ext. 2144

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