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MFNERC has helped create a Portable Planetarium program that is taken all over the province to teach First Nations students traditional stories about the sky, stars and constellations.



Mahtootisan (The Sweat Lodge) can be found approximately two hand spans from the end of the handle of the Big Dipper. On star charts, Mahtootisan is known as Corona Borealis. Mahtootisan is part of the constellations that talk about Assini Awasis (Stonechild) and the history of how the sweat lodge came to the people.”  – Wilfred Buck, Science Specialist

This is just one example of a traditional story that is told about constellations in the Portable Planetarium. The Planetarium itself is a large, inflatable dome-like structure that seats approximately 45 students. Images are projected onto the roof of the dome, as participants are immersed in the expanse of the Universe.

The Portable Planetarium ready to go.

The Portable Planetarium ready to go.

“I was very impressed by Wilfred’s presentation. A whole new way of looking at the night sky…he had the teenagers ooo’ing and aaah’ing.” – Cate Watrous of Erikson, MB.

For more information on how to bring the Planetarium to your school or community contact,
 Wilfred Buck, Science Specialist
204.594.1290 ext. 2035

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