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Tikanaugan Teachings

One of the many regular workshops MFNERC presents is Moss Bag/Tikanaugan Teachings for early childhood educators.

On January 20, 2014 our early childhood program once again hosted Sherryl Whitehawk for a day-long Networking Forum with the theme: Babies in Moss Bags. You can read a detailed account of the workshop’s format, activities and teachingsĀ here.

On this particular Monday, one of the most prevalent sounds heard throughout the day was laughter. Women, and a few gentleman, helped each other around sewing circles and machines, and it was a striking reminder about the importance of community when it comes to raising children. At the end of the day, everyone took part in a sharing circle where they could display their completed moss bag (and baby!) and talk about what they had learned.

See more photos of the workshop here.

Presenter, Sherryl Whitehawk lending a hand

Presenter, Sherryl Whitehawk lending a hand

Sewing moss bags

Sewing moss bagsĀ 

The final result from all participants

The final result from all participants

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