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Did You Know…?

MFNERC has produced a 32-page, softcover book entitled The Making of a Star Blanket.
The booklet provides students with a history of the star blanket, plus step-by-step instructions on crafting a star with paper or sewing an entire blanket. There are many mathematical concepts that can be taught and assessed with the Star Blanket. These concepts are not an end in itself, but generate a foundation of ideas and skills for teachers and students.

Building a paper star gives students the opportunity to work with design and colour, while integrating the concept of numbers into the learning process. Being able to manipulate and visualize different concepts of math before engaging in the actual activity of making a star blanket is a good learning experience.

Then, understanding how to create and sew a star blanket teaches the skills and manipulation of numbers, colours and patterns, it also fosters patience and builds positive self-esteem within the learner.

For information on how to order a booklet contact:
 shop@mfnerc.com or visit www.mfnerc.org/shop/

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