In Her Words: Carly Fontaine, Valedictorian, Sagkeeng Anicinabe High School

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In Her Words: Carly Fontaine, Valedictorian, Sagkeeng Anicinabe High School

While summer is upon us, just a couple of weeks ago many students were celebrating graduation. We’ve posted photos and updates of a few events on our website, but here in the blog, in honour of the Class of 2014, I decided I would post the lovely Carly Fontaine’s Valedictory Address. I hope you enjoy reading about these inspiring young people! In her own words.

Carly Fontaine

Carly Fontaine

My name is Carly Fontaine and I am this year’s Valedictorian of Sagkeeng Anicinabe High School, the Voices of Tomorrow. It is an honour to be voted by my fellow classmates to represent and speak on behalf of them. I’ll begin by talking a little bit about each graduate.

Avery Abraham. Avery is really shy but when you get to talk with her she talks and talks. When you have a conversation with Avery you realize there is something special about this girl, she is really smart and intelligent.

Danielle Abraham. Danny is very quiet and soft spoken, and like her sister Avery she is very intelligent. You can throw any job at Danny and it will get done.

Darion Abraham. Darion is an outgoing person who loves to play lacrosse and hockey. He is a really outstanding athlete.

Mallory Atkinson. Mallory is a very bright girl. She loves to bead and loves the culture. Mallory produces and presents some powerful writing when she puts her mind to it.

Ryan Bruyerre. Ryan loves to play music. He plays everything drums, guitar, piano and he sings. He is really talented and even plays in a band.

Destiny Burnard. Destiny is my best friend. She pretends to be shy, but she could talk your ear off. She has a very nice smile and is a very polite person.

Ramsey Courchene. Ramsey is a very nice guy and is one of the people that can cheer me up on my worst days. Just by saying a little conversation, “Hey, what are you doing?” He’ll start talking away and it’ll make you feel happy about your day even when you’re down. I think it is fair to say that Ramsey could lighten up everyone’s day.

Myself. Carly Fontaine. And I didn’t write about myself! Carly is a very well spoken person, you always know what’s on Carly’s mind. During this year she has taken on a leadership role for many school activities especially grad fundraisers. As well, she participated in the drama production. Carly’s leadership and public speaking skills will take her far in life.

Tyler Fontaine. Tyler was a shy kid throughout high school, but when you get to know who Tyler is, he is not very quiet. Tyler is really good in math and one of the strongest academic students in high school math. Tyler managed to graduate this year and play a big role in supporting his family. We are all very proud of you Tyler.

Danielle Gerrard-Thiessen

Danielle Gerrard-Thiessen

Danielle Gerrard. Danielle is a good student who always had good class attendance. She is an outgoing person who has been involved in many school activities, including sports and fundraising.

Nathan Guimond. Nathan is a very good guitar player, really good at basketball and loves to play sports. Nathan is also a really good helper when the time comes.

Nicole Guimond. Nicole is one of the students who I’ve gone to school with throughout the years, high school, junior high and elementary school. Nicole is a very smart girl who has worked hard to complete her high school education. She is a strong athlete. As well as practicing athletics, she is a young person who sees Sagkeeng’s issues and wants to make a change for the better for the youth.

Kristy Hope. Kristy is a teen mom, but she accomplished setting a goal for her and her son’s future. She has really good knowledge about the Ojibway culture and is really strong in writing and talking about the treaties.

Carson Robinson. Carson transferred from Powerview second semester and is like a comedian and loves to make people laugh. He is a really good presenter and public speaker, and is also a strong follower of the culture.

Gabrielle Robinson. Gabby also transferred from Powerview second semester. She provided to be an academically strong student, as well as respectful in every encounter with students and staff.

Brett Swampy

Brett Swampy

Brett Swampy. Brett likes science and science likes him. Brett is a well-rounded kind of person. When faced with a challenge he proceeds to accomplish anything put in front of him.

Desiree Swampy. Dez is always on her phone in class, in the hallway, taking selfies all day “lol”. But Dez is a very nice young woman and is one of my best friends.

Anthony Twoheart. Anthony is a very nice guy who is a very respectful adult and very patient. He put that patience into practice every day in the Skills Link Program.

Danielle Abraham and Principal Claude Guimond

Danielle Abraham and Principal Claude Guimond

On behalf of this year’s grads we would like the thank all the staff for sending us to class when needed, Tim Kinney! If it wasn’t for you guys we would not have been shaped into the adults we are now. We came into the high school as young teenagers and we are now leaving as adults. I would like to say a special thank you to the staff for being there to support us on the worst days, sad days and happy days. No matter what happened you were there with support, and also to keep us in school and keep us out of trouble. Meegwetch to the staff for their never-ending wisdom and support, for helping us graduate and get our diplomas. And also thank you to our parents, grandparents and guardians. For waking us up and sending us to school each morning.

My fellow grads we began high school as children, we’re leaving as adults. We accomplished a basic education to serve as a platform to launch us into our futures. Some of us will go on to college, others will go straight into the work force, but each of us will travel our own path. No matter what, where we go or what we do, there are challenges ahead of us. What I’m asking for each of you, and myself, is to meet those challenges with your heads held high and your hearts wide open. It is not enough to simply try and get by in life. That doesn’t move the world forward. You must try to excel in everything you do. Start for excellence in every task large or small. Although it may not be easy to see every accomplishment you achieve, added to the world’s accomplishments, your individual successes benefit society as a whole. Because when you succeed, you lighten the burden on your fellow men and women. When you succeed you are in a position to give rather than take. Work to make your lives successful and you will make some amazing contributions. Meegwetch and have a safe and good evening to all.


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