Meet Our Specialists – 9

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Meet Our Specialists – 9

MFNERC employs five teams of specialists who work directly with Manitoba’s First Nation Schools, Education Boards and communities, and we’d like you to meet some of them! Each team is made up of a literacy, science, numeracy, special education, language & culture, assessment, and school planning specialist. They travel to different regions of the province, determining needs, developing plans and bringing the process of capacity building directly to the schools. We also have a wide variety of other specialists in areas such as technology, research & development, early childhood education and speech & language who travel to all our schools during the year. As well, throughout the school year, and driven by the plans that the schools themselves have developed, these specialists host workshops and forums, and help create resources for the educators and administrators.

Sandy Robinson

IMG_4790Sandy is a school planning specialist who works primarily with schools in the northern area of the province, with First Nations such as Opaskwayak, Chemawawin and Cross Lake. He leads the team of specialists who work in this region with a friendly personality and great sense of humour. In this photo he presents a workshop at an education conference in Cross Lake.
204.594.1290 ext. 2024

Chun Ong

IMG_4827Passionate about making math accessible to all learners, Mr. Ong is one of our numeracy specialists. He is part of a team that works in one of the northern regions of the province, and loves to share his many life experiences with others. He also knows the importance of having fun, as seen in this photo where he gives a workshop on problem solving at an education conference in Cross Lake.
204.594.1290 ext. 2037

Virginia Birch

IMG_5691Virginia is another of our busy numeracy specialists at MFNERC. She works with schools in a variety of areas of the province, from Red Sucker Lake in the northeast to Sioux Valley in the southwest. Also, she is also one of the many friendly faces you may have seen at our Lighting the Fire Education Conference, as shown in this photo where she leads a workshop on mental math strategies.
204.594.1290 ext. 2039

Irene Huggins

IMG_4765If you have a question about literacy, reading strategies, selecting the right books or anything related to English language arts, then Irene is definitely the person to talk to. She is an highly experienced literacy specialist who works with schools in one of the northern regions of the province. Here we see her giving a workshop at an education conference in Cross Lake.
204.594-1290 ext. 2040

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