Robb Nash Visits Nisichawayasihk

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Robb Nash Visits Nisichawayasihk

At our annual Lighting the Fire Education Conference (LTF) in May 2014, one of the keynote speakers was Robb Nash. He gave an incredibly moving and powerful presentation complete with stories, live music and videos. He touched the hearts of so many, particularly because one of his goals is to combat the epidemic of suicide, an epidemic that is growing among First Nations young people.

IMG_7558Robb visits schools, prisons, youth centres and First Nations to share his message that says, in a nutshell, “don’t wait to find out you’re dying before you start living.” At the end of his presentation at LTF, he told the audience that he wants to visit Manitoba’s First Nations. That he WILL visit (at no cost to them). All they have to do is email and ask.

Well, they did. And just last month (Jan. 2015), I had the honour of seeing this come to fruition at Otetiskiwin School in Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation, an hour and a half outside of Thompson, MB.

Tanika takes the stage

Tanika takes the stage

It’s not always easy to hook an audience of young teens; yet, as Robb spoke and sang to a gym full of students, they soon became enthralled with his story and music. Robb is so engaging that you cannot help but feel part of his presentation, and the kids responded with the utmost enthusiasm. A highlight for all was when someone did become part of the show, as Robb invited a young lady up on stage to sing with him. Tanika had no problem sharing the spotlight, and gave a great performance of Adele’s Rolling in the Deep.

I cannot say enough good things about Robb Nash, and it was inspiring to be a small part of the events that brought him to Otetiskiwin. I cannot wait to see where he heads next and, hopefully, will be able to share further about his positive impact on First Nations students.

Watch a short video we took of Robb performing at Otetiskiwin School.

Speaking with the students after the show

Speaking with the students after the show


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