Cree Dictionary launched in Fisher River

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Cree Dictionary launched in Fisher River

Last month, MFNERC Publishing staff were honoured to attend the official book launch of two Cree dictionaries developed by Ochékiwi Sípí (Fisher River) Cree Nation and published in partnership with MFNERC.
The Ochékiwi Sípí Cree Dictionary, originally published in 2005, now includes phonetic and syllabic translations. Fisher River dictionary committee members created Cree Everyday Phrases & Words as a smaller companion to the dictionary. Both resources are valuable tools when learning and writing Cree.

Dictionary committee members, Elders, and Chief and Council attended the book launch held at Charles Sinclair School. They were all treated to songs in Cree by the students and a luncheon. Dictionary committee members have worked tirelessly on the books and were recognized with plaques.

Celebrating the Dictionary launch

Celebrating the Dictionary launch with committee members and friends

If you would like more information about the dictionaries please contact Joy Conway, Administrative Professional, at the Fisher River Board of Education, 204-645-2283; email

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