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Learn about The Alphabag Program

Created by MFNERC’s Richelle Lovegrove, IMG_6113The Alphabag Program is a 1-on-1 intervention for K-12 students who need additional help with alphabet knowledge. Throughout the program, six target letters are selected based on the student’s alphabet assessment. The student works to master the six letters through five skill areas which strengthen the student’s alphabet knowledge.

The program can be delivered by parents, educational assistants, or teachers. If you are interested in teaching the program, training in how to deliver the program (with Richelle) is required. Along with the initial training, a video resource is provided, so if you are learning how to teach the Alphabag Program you can review how to instruct students in four of the skill areas of the program.

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For more information contact:
Richelle Lovegrove, Reading Clinician

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