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Call for Training Participants

In Special Education Clinical Professions in Speech Language Pathology (SLP).

The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre through the Special Education and Training
Institute is inviting applications for 3 candidates in the following training program in Special Education Clinical Profession in the areas of Speech Language Pathology (SLP)

This is a course-based master’s program of training which is designed to develop competencies in the prevention, evaluation, treatment and management of articulation, language, fluency, voice and resonance disorders. The program will also focus on the fundamental practices of audiology which is concerned with the identification, assessment, and rehabilitation of individuals with hearing disorders. However, this program does not qualify students to work as audiologists. The program is designed to provide students with the academic and clinical education required for SLP certification by provincial and national professional associations. Graduates from the program will be expected to demonstrate knowledge of learning principles; normal processes of speech, hearing and language; factors and conditions which cause and perpetuate disorders of speech, hearing, and language; and theoretical and methodological issues in the rehabilitation of communicative disorders in children and adults.

Application requirements and more information here.

If you require further information please contact Derek Courchene
at 1-866-319-4857 toll free or 204-594-1290, extension 2047

You may send in your documents via regular mail or if preferred it can be scanned and emailed to:

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