Every Child Has Value

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Every Child Has Value

For teacher Junette Holder, cultivating each of her student’s gifts is as important as teaching math and English. This was evident on a recent visit to her Grade 3 classroom at Ginew School in Roseau River First Nation. On this particular morning some students were drawing pictures for Father’s Day, while others worked on a puzzle or played with puppets. Holder is very in tune with her students’ needs, and believes in celebrating all their strengths, as well as helping them through challenging times.

“The world tends to put value on one specific ethnicity, or one specific way of life, and one specific way of learning,” explains Holder. “The world also says if you want me to value you, you need to act in a certain way or accomplish this specific objective. That type of thinking leaves a lot of students feeling worthless. I think all students have value, all students have skills, all students need to be celebrated.”

Each student in Holder’s class definitely has different talents. Humour, friendship, cooperation, creativity were all on display. And Holder’s emphasis on building these skills, as well as spelling and multiplication, creates a holistic learning environment where students can thrive.

“Every single child has worth. Therefore let us start with who they are and what they have, and build on that.”

We hope you enjoy this short video celebration featuring the Grade 3 students at Ginew School.

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