Aski Pimaciwin Metawewina

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Aski Pimaciwin Metawewina

A youth gathering for traditional land-based teachings and games.

This gathering is open to senior high school students involved in outdoor education/land-based education programs in Manitoba’s First Nations high schools.

The purpose of this event is to provide youth with team building skills and traditional knowledge of how we, as a people, used animals, trees, water and tools made from the land for all aspects of life. Participants will learn and use skills such as team work, hunting, animal preparation, and using essential animal parts for making tools or other everyday implements. We also want to teach the youth the importance of participating in events our people used to do prior to colonization

The gathering will be fun, friendly and educational. 

Registration Process

Please confirm your school’s intention to participate in this event by completing the form below and returning by fax to:

Ashley Kinsmen,
Fax: 204-942-2490 

Youth Gathering Registration Form

Once this form is submitted, we will contact the person in charge named on your form to complete the detailed registration of all individual student participants prior to the gathering.


(180 STUDENTS plus 45 chaperones = 225)

Please ensure your school’s spaces by returning the registration form ASAP.

Youth Gathering Information Package

Youth Gathering Event Poster

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