MFNERC partner schools need a reliable online environment in order to access high-quality, culturally relevant professional development, digital resources and community.

The digital learning environment builds bridges between technology and learning. A digital learning environment is at the heart of both MFNERC transitioned services and additional academic supports, implemented as a response to meet the demand for remote learning options, service delivery and professional development. Due to Covid-19, the DLE became an essential part of MFNERC’s virtual service delivery.

MFNERC is developing its digital learning environment, which will include Brightspace, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Teams/Teams for Education as well as various educational digital tools. This customized digital learning environment for MFNERC member schools and teachers will be a central access point for all digital support materials. Within this digital learning environment, member teachers and principals will have access to instructional digital resource materials, professional development, and virtual conferences. The following were provided for MFNERC member schools in 2020-2021:

  • MFNERC Essential Learning Packages
  • Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate (WVC) courses
  • Clinical Services and Lighting the Fire virtual conferences
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