A Visit to Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation

On November 30, 2012, Chief Charles Audy Memorial School of the Wuskwi Sipihk First Nation hosted an assembly that included student awards and a Remembrance Day ceremony. Teacher, Ben Andres was the master of ceremonies and, with the help of other teachers present, held the audience of Kindergarten to Grade 6 pupils captive with his interesting stories and passion for teaching.
The student awards included best attendance, most helpful, and other such recognitions.
The school, with forty one students, is a very active one. This was clear in the Remembrance Day ceremony, as three students did PowerPoint presentations. One featured an expose on famed Native American solider Ira Hayes, another showcased the Red Baron. Mr. Andres then presented a PowerPoint on Sergeant Tommy Prince and ended the session with a story of his own grandfather, who was a World War ll veteran. Some improvisation was in order at one point during his presentation while talking about World War II. Just after mentioning the term ‘Nazi invasion’, an excited student put up his hand and exclaimed, “…a zombie invasion!?” Mr. Andres, in his address, very calmly and politely corrected him.
The students were all well behaved and the delightful atmosphere of this little school permeated throughout, even to inside the front doors where a miniature tipi was set up. At the end of the assembly, Grade 6 student, Christian Kematch presented Joy Keeper, MFNERC Communications Coordinator, with a braid of sweetgrass on behalf of the school.

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