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Annual Reports

The MFNERC Annual Report is an overview of the successes and challenges of the services to First Nations schools.

Download MFNERC Annual Report 2018 – 2019

We have a strong history of providing these innovative services to the First Nations we serve, and continue to build on that experience to support the educational success of our children.

We work to support students with an education based on a foundation of languages and cultures and a philosophy of lifelong learning. 

We look to member First Nations to help set our direction the path to success for our children to thrive and gain inspiration for the good and fulfilling life.

MFNERC is funded through various contribution agreements with ISC, specifically; MFNERC New Paths (Core), Jordan’s Principle through FNIHB, High-Cost Special Education Program, First Nations Student Success Program (FNSSP) and Education Partnerships Program (EPP).

Download 2018-2019 MFNSS Annual Report

The Manitoba First Nations School System (MFNSS) has released its 2018–2019 Annual Report.

“Community and student engagement are priorities for the success of the MFNSS. The school system has supported events that engage students in their own communities’ culture, history, and traditions,” said Nora Murdock, PhD, Director of Instructional Services. “The school system is in its third year of operation, and the ongoing development and growth of MFNSS continues.”

With respect for First Nations control, treaty, and inherent rights, MFNSS supports schools to improve the quality of education, enhance academic standards, and, ultimately, increase student outcomes, including retention, completion, and graduation rates.

“MFNSS has made significant strides in developing an education system reflective of First Nations world views, cultures, and values,” said Lorne C. Keeper, Executive Director of the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre. “Through our new direction, I am convinced we will reach, even exceed, the long-term goals we have set for ourselves as a First Nations-run school system.”

Please download and read the 2018-2019 MFNSS annual report here.

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