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What is the MFNERC?

  • MFNERC Inc. is an Education Resource Centre providing the province’s leading education, administration, technology, language and culture services to First Nation- run schools in Manitoba.

Where is the MFNERC located?

  • The MFNERC has its head office on the Swan Lake First Nation, Manitoba and has sub-offices in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Thompson, Manitoba. It is also available online 24 hours a day at

Why was the MFNERC established?

  • During the 1970s, First Nations began the process of administering their own schools, but chronic underfunding and lack of supports required the creation of an organization that would meet the needs of those schools. In 1998 the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs gave a mandate and established MFNERC to provide administrative, technical, language and educational second and third level supports (school division type services) to First Nations-run schools in Manitoba.

Who are the staff of the MFNERC?

  • The majority of staff at the MFNERC are specialists in First Nations education, administration, language and technology with skills that are uniquely suited to providing support to First Nations schools. The minimum education and experience for many professional specialists is a Bachelor of Education with a number of years working in First Nations Schools. Staff with Ph.Ds and Masters degrees in their area are common; but regardless of education level, experience working within a First Nations educational environment is of the highest importance.

How has the MFNERC developed its programs, services and supports?

  • MFNERC receives its direction from a Board of Directors, First Nations Education Authorities and the schools. The process is First Nations driven; services are holistic and address expressed needs; and authority remains with the First Nations. The programs and supports that have been developed since 1998 were and are developed in partnership with Manitoba’s First Nations, their leadership, and the First Nations Schools.

How does the MFNERC decide which programs, services and supports it provides to First Nations schools?

  • The First Nations schools make their own decisions regarding which programs, services and supports they require from MFNERC. When the school establishes its school plan, it consults with MFNERC staff regarding what is available and how MFNERC can meet the school’s particular needs.