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MFNERC logoThe Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre logo is derived from First Nations symbolism and can be interpreted in a variety of different ways. Holistically the logo represents the circle of life, First Nations education, students, teaching, learning, and the importance of community members within the education system. The wings of the eagle encircle, protect, and represent the role and responsibility of parents, extended family, Elders, leaders, staff, and teachers in the process of education.

The bald eagle represents teachers, the importance of spirituality and unconditional love in daily life.

The fire symbolizes teaching, the history of First Nations education, renewal, and community.

The four colors represent all people on earth working together, respecting all nations and peoples’ knowledge; respect for diversity among students; the four directions, four elements and four stages of life, thus lifelong learning.

The male and female figures symbolize balance, harmony, and partnerships in the process of improving education.

The grade three class members who created the circle offered the following interpretation:

  • Water – All living things need water to survive.
  • Children – All children are special and need education.
  • Buffalo –Strength
  • Tipi – Communities
  • Eagle feathers – Success

Design Acknowledgments: The Grade Three Class from Sioux Valley (1999);

  • circle design – Mark Mallet, Charles Sinclair School in Fisher River Cree Nation
  • eagle design – Nadine McDougall, MFNERC staff member
  • eagle wings & composite design – Interim Working Group (IWG) chose the winning designs and approved the final logo
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