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Mission & Vision

The mission of the MFNERC as approved by motion of the MFNERC Board of Directors on December 5, 2004:

“To help First Nations improve education for all learners to achieve: mino-pimatisiwin (Cree/Ojibwe/Ojibwe-Cree)”

“To help First Nations improve education for all learners to achieve: honso aynai (Dene)”

“To help First Nations improve education for all learners to achieve: tokatakiya wichoni washte (Dakota)”

The purpose of the MFNERC is to provide education specialist service delivery to First Nation schools. The focus of the services is to provide assistance towards the implementation of programming that is relevant to First Nation students’ needs, to provide the direction and leadership for long term education reform that will lead to the development of a First Nations Curriculum, and to provide training, guidance, and support to First Nations staff and educational leadership to facilitate capacity building.

The vision of the MFNERC is:

“Support First Nations to develop and implement a comprehensive holistic educational system inclusive of First Nations languages, world views, values, beliefs and traditions with exemplary academic standards, under First Nation jurisdiction.”

The vision is to develop and design quality curricula, standards, and outcomes that will address the learning needs of First Nation students, and that will provide equitable and transferable knowledge and skills required in today’s global economy. This process will require First Nation students, Chiefs and Councils, parents, educators, Education Authorities, administrators, as well as other First Nation stakeholders to lead, control, own, and participate in the process of curriculum development and systemic educational change.

In the interim, the focus of the MFNERC is to help improve effectiveness in the classroom through the provision of facilitator services and to assist in the adaptation and implementation of the new Provincial curriculum. These facilitators travel extensively to First Nations to deliver on-site workshops, seminars, conferences, courses, training and support services.

Staff consists of education specialists in English Language Arts, Special Education, Science, and Technology. In addition, Education Psychologists, Speech and Language Pathologists, and Reading Clinicians are also available at the request of First Nation schools. Other services provided by the MFNERC include professional training and development, research and data collection, and an instructional resource centre.