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Visual Identity

Message from the Executive Director

Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Inc. (MFNERC) has created a visual identity program. The brand manual will provide guidance and direction, from concept to creation, when developing communications, ultimately ensuring all marketing and promotional materials favourably and accurately reflect MFNERC’s high production standards for the benefit of First Nations people.

Please follow these guidelines, to ensure and maintain a focused, positive image of the Resource Centre.
Lorne C. Keeper


Approval Process & Contact

The Publishing & Communications Unit is responsible for identifying incorrect use and will work with all departments to bring applications of our brand into compliance with the identity program. In addition, they have the right to stop production of any application that uses the MFNERC brand incorrectly, or to require an application to be revised.

For inquiries please contact:

Publishing & Communications Unit 9-1100 Waverley Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 3X9 Phone: 204.594.1290 | Fax: 204.942.2490 Toll Free: 1.866.319.4857 Email: [email protected]


The MFNERC logo is freely available for media use or to fairly depict the MFNERC. Misleading or fraudulent use is strictly prohibited. Please contact the Publishing & Communications Unit with any questions, for approval of particular uses, or for specific files types and sizes. Unit identifiers are available upon request.

MFNERC Wordmark Black & White.PNG (999px x 321px)





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    [email protected]
    Unit 2 -1100 Waverley St
    Winnipeg, MB R3T 3X9
    Phone: 204-594-1290 ext. 2243
    Fax: 204-942-2490

    MFNERC provides certain resources free of charge to First Nations educators working in Manitoba. Please contact us at [email protected] for approval.

    For information or inquires regarding the publishing process please contact [email protected]