Back to School, Back to Work

Summer is usually a slower season around MFNERC. Schools are out, teachers and students are on holidays and we use the time to get ready for the upcoming school year. And today, that year got started! It’s officially back to school day. In honour of the occasion, I did a quick, informal survey with MFNERC staff, asking them: What is your favourite thing about back to school? (as a parent, student, former teacher, someone who works with teachers/students, anything! Just tell me what you love.)

Welcome back!

My favorite thing about back to school is that my home gets back into routine, no more chaotic hours for the teenagers and the kids are doing something productive during the day (hopefully).
– Deborah McKenzie

Backpacks!! I love the new styles. And also all the cool erasers and mechanical pencils and neat dividers with little pockets…but of course the best part overall is that kids get to see their friends again.
– Virginia Birch

The vibrant life interaction
– Alberto Mansilla

I like buying my “back to school clothes” and meeting the new students. Plus, I get to tell my jokes all over again for a whole new audience.
– Lyle Wood

The excitement that the kids feel for the first week, then it’s all downhill after that…well for my kid it is.
– Angela Wood

New crayons. My mom is an artist so I always got the box with the most colours!
– Rosie Boucha

Just like the Staples commercial, “It’s the M-O-S-T WONDERFUL TIME OF THE Y-E-A-R!!!!”  However, not according to my son Brendin Beaulieu!
– Arlene Flatfoot

Back when I was a kid, back to school always meant new shoes! And only 297 days until Summer Holidays!
– Chris Guimond

I’m such a bookworm so I always liked new textbooks and reading lists (still do!).
– Kimberly Kakegamic

I’m a little too old now, but it used to be new pencil crayons, now I’ve moved on to fun stickies.
– Kirby Gilman

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