Behind the Scenes Peek at the Making of Sensory Motor Rooms

43 schools affiliated with MFNERC Clinical Services have received their sensory motor equipment to support students’ learning and participation during the school day.

This is an example of working directly with school staff to implement student programming, through specialized services and equipment, since January 2018.

The Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists from MFNERC Clinical Services work in school spaces and develop programs with fun equipment that can help students attending the school. A Sensory Motor Room is filled with colourful equipment that allows for the children to:

Learn about how to feel calm

Work on different ways to move their bodies

Learn about their own thoughts and feelings

Work on their communication skills and imagination

The Sensory Motor program allows students to play and choose what equipment they want to play with. The adult working in the room will be educated on using the equipment. The program is intended to be fun for the student and help them to develop many skills. The student will work with the educational assistant to play in different sections of the room and work on therapy goals. The Sensory Motor Room involves pieces of equipment similar to items you would find on a playground, such as swings, blocks, and a slide. As with any physical activity, there are risks involved that may cause injury. Due to this, MFNERC occupational therapists and physiotherapists will provide education to school staff and encourage the safe use of Sensory Motor Room equipment.

MFNERC encourages everyone to continue being diligent by following the provincial COVID-19 health guidelines. This video was filmed prior to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols.

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