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Kelly Ironstand: Teaching Early Years from a First Nations Perspective

Reclaiming language and culture is reclaiming the spirit of First Nations. Read More >

Wilfred Buck: The Star Guy

Move over Bill Nye the Science Guy, and make way for Wilfred Buck, Manitoba’s very own Star Guy. Read More >

Cultivating a Love of Reading in First Nations Students

Cultivating a love of reading is critical to helping students succeed, discover their gifts, and develop into confident, well-rounded adults. Read More >

Dams on Our Northern Rivers: An Engineer’s View

Rushing rivers in Manitoba are majestic, life giving, and potentially useful in ways that may come at a cost. In a recent essay, (“Nelson River Hydrometric Survey with Manitoba Hydro in Summer, 1964,” (2016).), Brian Grover writes from the viewpoint of an engineer on developing rivers in Manitoba to produce electricity. Grover, now in his 70s, shares his experiences as a young surveyor on the Nelson River in the summer of 1964. Read More >

Kenzie Wilson: Brains, Brawn and Ambition

Kenzie Wilson is an impressive young woman from Cross Lake First Nation. Read More >

Investing in Our Future

When Rachel Beaulieu, along with Anthony Desjarlais, won the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC) Science Fair in high school, she never imagined that she would be working for the organization 11 years later. Read More >

Exploring the Indigenous Culture of Peru

We are thrilled to have Kirby Gilman, editor here at MFNERC, as our guest blogger this month. Kirby just returned from a trip to Peru, where she had the chance to interact with many Indigenous Peruvians. We hope you enjoy her stories about the vibrant Quechua culture. Read More >

Traditional Knowledge

Welcome to 2016! I’m afraid there hasn’t been a new blog post in quite some time. Other projects and tasks took priority throughout last year. However, one of my resolutions for the New Year is to post more updates and stories on this blog. And what better topic to start the New Year with than Traditional Knowledge. Read More >

Meet Our Publishing & Communications Team

At MFNERC, we offer a wide variety of different services to 58 First Nation run schools, from 49 First Nations in Manitoba.  Read More >

Robb Nash Visits Nisichawayasihk

At our annual Lighting the Fire Education Conference (LTF) in May 2014, one of the keynote speakers was Robb Nash. He gave an incredibly moving and powerful presentation complete with stories, live music and videos. Read More >

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