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Uncovering the Gaps

Last week, we were able to catch up with Jennifer Daniels while she was in the MFNERC office. She was busy setting up a student assessment in the boardroom and making sure the child who was here was comfortable.

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Southern Youth Forum 2018

The 2018 Youth Forum was a full day of teachings, games, and mental health awareness working groups. 

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One Sky, Many Astronomies

MFNERC Science Facilitator Wilfred Buck has co-curated an exhibit at the Canada Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa. Read More >

Wilfred Buck: The Star Guy

Move over Bill Nye the Science Guy, and make way for Wilfred Buck, Manitoba’s very own Star Guy. Read More >

Cultivating a Love of Reading in First Nations Students

Cultivating a love of reading is critical to helping students succeed, discover their gifts, and develop into confident, well-rounded adults. Read More >

Meet Our Publishing & Communications Team

At MFNERC, we offer a wide variety of different services to 58 First Nation run schools, from 49 First Nations in Manitoba.  Read More >

Tansi. Boozhoo. Welcome.

Hello and welcome to the first post on MFNERC’s new blog!

We here in the communications department at MFNERC decided that another good vehicle for promoting First Nations education in Manitoba, and Canada, would be through a blog.

Our goal is for it to become an informal gathering place for educators and learners of all ages. A place for sharing thoughts, meeting new people, learning new ideas and discussing education, language, culture, news and other issues of the day.

We also hope to feature guest bloggers regularly, and review educational resources that are culturally relevant to First Nations, as well as highlight First Nations events around Manitoba.
Basically it will be a mixed bag of views and news and we hope you enjoy it! Thanks for visiting.