First Nations Early Learning and Child Care (FNELCC) provides guidance to support developing, expanding, and enhancing Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) programs in all 63 First Nations in Manitoba. ELCC programs include child care, Aboriginal Head Start on Reserve, and a variety of parent-child programming for First Nations children 0-6 years of age and their families.
The strategic plan for FNELCC is informed by the collective wisdom of our partners, Elders, communities, leadership, parents, and families. The strategic plan centres on eight priority areas of action, which we call our Beads. The work of implementing these beads is called our Beadwork, and is guided by the child-centred principle that every decision, every investment, and every action we take in the work of the First Nations Early Learning and Child Care mandate must be made with our children’s best interests in mind.

This year’s theme highlights our ways and our Beadwork as FNELCC moves forward with this imperative work to support and strengthen Early Learning and Child Care. The work ahead also requires many hands, as it is a shared responsibility, including our partners among all our systems that support children, parents, and families.

OUR BEADWORK is defined as:
1. Reclaim First Nations Languages and Culture
2. Promote Healing-Centred Engagement
3. Ensure High-Quality and Professional Development
4. Strengthen Community Capacity
5. Adopt First Nations Ways of Evaluation
6. Ensure Transparency and Accountability
7. Strengthen the Early Learning Community
8. Adopt a “Children First” Principle

“We do not need to reinvent the wheel. We have the wheel.

It is our way: it has always been our way.”
-Elder Eunice Beardy

Our target audience includes childcare programs, Aboriginal Head Start programs, Nursery and Kindergarten programs, and other programs that support young children and families.

Workshop Abstract Proposals must be submitted by December 8, 2023 to:

Attn: Anne Rundle, Quality Enhancement Facilitator, Early Learning and Child Care

Email: anner@mfnerc.com

Phone: (204)594-1290

Fax: (204)942-2490

Mail: Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre Inc. 2-1100 Waverley Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 3X9

To find out more and access our Workshop Proposal Form:

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Here are some fun free learning activities for Nursery and Kindergarten aged children that you can use at home.

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