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Hot off the Press

MFNERC is excited to announce the publication of Ne Nanonawen, Cree Sayings and Phrases. Compiled by Stella Young, Cree Language Specialist. Read More >

“Iye Ohdakapi: Their Stories”

We are very excited to announce the recent publication of Iye Ohdakapi: Their Stories, Manitoba Dakota Elders. Read More >

Dene Youth Culture Camp

As summer continues, camping season is fully underway. At MFNERC, we organize and fund a unique kind of camping program. Read More >

Dakota Youth Culture Camp

As summer begins, camping season gets underway full swing. At MFNERC, we organize and fund a unique kind of camping program.   Read More >

Dreams of the Youth

Sponsored by the MFNERC language and culture department, various Youth Gatherings are held throughout the province during the school year. Read More >

Ojibway Youth Gathering

“Success has to come from within. You have to create your own journey for yourself and your future children.”
“I stayed in school even though all my friends were dropping out. I just decided I could do it.” Read More >

Cree and Dene Youth Gatherings

This week, MFNERC will be hosting gatherings for our Cree and Dene Youth from around the Northern regions of the province. Read More >

Dakota Youth Gathering in Sioux Valley

This week Feb. 7-8, MFNERC, along with Sioux Valley High School near Brandon, MB, hosts a gathering of our Dakota Youth from around the region. Videos, speakers, discussions and activities are all on the agenda. Read More >

Language Gatherings: Cree, Dakota, Ojibway and Dene

One of the MFNERC’s overall goals is the revitalization, preservation and promotion of First Nations Languages. Read More >

Elders’ Meeting

October, Winnipeg