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Manitoba First Nations Languages Celebration Held in Honour of National Truth and Reconciliation Day

Coinciding with National Truth and Reconciliation Day, AMC and MFNERC hosted the Manitoba First Nations Languages Land-Based Gathering geared towards students from First Nations reserves and Grades Seven and Eight students in Winnipeg. One group travelled from Tataskweyak Cree Nation to participate in the two-day event.

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MFNERC and Yellowquill College Merge to Create a First Nations Post-Secondary Institution


Winnipeg, Mb. – Two highly regarded First Nations educational organizations, The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC) and Yellowquill College, have formally amalgamated. This merge will provide First Nations-led education from Early Learning through Post-Secondary. 

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Huge Turnout for the First Annual First Nations Cross-Country Meet

The first annual First Nations Cross-Country Meet took place at La Barrière Park today. Students from all over Manitoba met up in St. Norbert to participate. Some communities flew in from the north, others bussed in, and by the time registration was complete, 250 youth were ready to race.

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National Truth and Reconciliation Day -Manitoba First Nations Languages Land-Based Gathering

A Celebration of Manitoba’s Five Spoken Languages:
Anishinaabe (Ojibwe) · Anishininiwak (Ojibwe-Cree)
Dakota Oyate (Dakota) · Dënësułiné (Dene)
Nehethowuk/Ininewak (Cree)

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Early & Middle Years Mathematics Round Tables

Early & Middle Years Round Table Sessions

These round table sessions are for Early Years 1-4 Teachers, Middle Years 5-8 Teachers, and High School Teachers 9-12 in the southern and northern schools.

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Back to School Season

It’s that time of year again—time to get our classrooms ready for a new school year. Some of you are veterans in the classroom, and some of you are teaching a class for the first time. And, some of you aren’t necessarily new teachers, but new to MFNERC or MFNSS and coming into a new community and a new school. It’s an exciting time for all, and we want you to feel ready and prepared. Read More >

Save the date to attend the 1st Annual Cross-Country meet

MFNERC and Mahpiya Hdega School have partnered to host the 1st Annual Cross-Country meet to be held at La Barriere Park in St. Norbert, Manitoba.

Thursday, September 26, 2019, at 11:00 am.

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Interview with artist/illustrator Don Monkman

The illustration process incorporates more than just drawing something. When it comes to sequential art and storytelling, a collaboration exists between the creative minds who try to visualize and then bring to life the same expression, emotion, history, mood, and environment to the imagination of the reader. Read More >

MFNSS and Dakota Tipi First Nation Sign New Partnership

On August 29, 2019, Dakota Tipi First Nation and the Manitoba First Nations School System (MFNSS) signed a delegation agreement to work together for the success of the students. MFNSS currently partners with 11 communities from across the province of Manitoba to provide the highest quality of education for First Nations by First Nations. Read More >

The Grizzlies: New Movie and Classroom Resources about Healing in the North

A 2019 movie The Grizzlies, set in Nunavut, shows how youth are reclaiming their culture to heal from the effects of colonization and the Indian Residential School system. Read More >

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