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October 6-7, 2022
“Forwarding Tradition: New Approaches for Teaching Old Ways”

First Nation philosophies, and traditional practices have kept their nations and families alive through thousands of years of living and learning from a challenging environment. First Nation cultures and languages   contain the teachings needed to survive and thrive, even as we face life’s hurdles. These ancient lessons have been tried and tested. The best evidence that these beliefs and values work is the fact that First Nation peoples and families are still a part of these lands, they are thriving and rising, and are still teaching their children to do their best as they step into the future.

Educators have an intrinsic role in connecting the past to the future through the students of today. As the stewards of First Nations children during the weekday, schools have a responsibility to reflect local cultures, languages, and teachings. This duty has become a thread that flows through all the work of the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre and is a part of the mandate of the organization.  It is important that the Resource Centre’s staff do their best to use their education and skills to fulfill the responsibility of forwarding local First Nations traditions and finding new strategies to teach First Nations children in the modern day.

This year’s Circle of Knowledge and Practices workshops and presentations will be infused with the goal of teaching tradition and finding new tactics to teach First Nations knowledge, skills, and values. To achieve the goals of forwarding tradition, it is important that the Resource Centre’s teachers and staff are familiar with the traditional values and beliefs of the First Nations they work with, and have the tactics and tools needed to learn and better understand the local culture, history, and language of the First Nations they visit. The Circle of Knowledge and Practices workshops will provide opportunities to learn more about First Nation knowledge, skills and values, so they  can teach their students to be proud of who they are, the ancestors that maintained their family through time, and the traditions that ensured today’s First Nation youth have a place in the future.

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