The Centre magazine highlights the great work of the Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (the Resource Centre) and the Manitoba First Nations School System (MFNSS) with a focus on promoting the First Nations languages and cultures of these lands.

Spring 2024 – #LTF2024: Celebrating 25 Years of Many Minds & Many Voices

The Centre is published each season and contains stories that let people know how the Resource Centre and MFNSS are working in collaboration with First Nations and making an impact on the First Nations they serve. The Resource Centre and MFNSS are full of passionate people who are dedicated to making a better future for First Nations youth and families. The Resource Centre staff have stories to share about the students and the impact that educational strategies, like land-based learning, are having on First Nations’ future generations. There are stories about young people being given the tools they need to overcome the challenges they face and stories about the choices First Nations are making to strengthen their languages, cultures, and unity.

We hope you enjoy this edition of The Centre.

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Message from the Chair of the Board

A new school year starts and the work begins to uplift First Nations youth in their local schools. I enjoy seeing the smiling faces of the students and staff as a new school year begins.

science fairs

Changing Lives through Science Fairs

The benefits of science fairs. The Resource Centre’s Science and Technology facilitator, Alberto Mansilla, has seen the impact that submitting an experiment for a science fair and then presenting the work to others has had on students across the province.

girl in the snow

Chasing Snow Snakes & Learning Traditional Skills

Norbert Mercredi has been chasing snow snakes since he was a boy. Throwing snow snakes, or Sosoman, as the game is called in Swampy Cree, involves tossing or sliding spear-like sticks across the ice and snow. Sosoman helps develop the values, skills, and physical strength needed for living.


Skywoman Learns & Lands

When she first arrived, Nenaanikwe (Skywoman) floated over the world, not touching it. She saw the great variety of life on Earth and thought, “This is a beautiful place that should never, ever be destroyed.” In her travels among the stars, she had never witnessed anything as special as the many different beings of Earth, …

the way it was an ojibwe-odawa legend

Accessing Traditional Knowledge Online at the IRC Library

The Instructional Resource Centre (IRC) offers teachers and staff access to support materials and resources to reinforce their educational plans. TheIRC operates like a standard library, functioning as a central hub for accessing lesson plans, reading resources, activities, and teaching concepts. However, it distinguishes itself from other libraries by offering First Nations Traditional Knowledge and …

girl standing in front of monitor with connect active on screen

Unlocking 21st Century Learning with Connect

SEAMLESS ACCESS, EFFORTLESS LEARNING CONNECT is the Resource Centre’s innovative eLearningsolution that’s changing the way students and teachersexperience education.

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