Did You Know…?

MFNERC has produced poster sets in Cree, Ojibwe, Dakota & Dene that illustrate the highest moral values – respect, truth, love, courage, kindness – of the First Nations people of Manitoba.

IMG_0185Each 11 x 17 poster showcases one value in the traditional language. They are to be used in schools to help students practice these values through their behaviour in the classroom and in their lives.

In the past, First Nations students were not made aware of the moral values that are traditionally part of their heritage. Using the posters in the classroom helps students understand that their ancestors had developed moral values and teachings equal to those of all other people.

Teachers can review and adapt their previously developed lessons to include teaching these moral values to students to improve students’ sense of identity and also to improve student behavior.

For information on how to order one of the poster sets contact:
 shop@mfnerc.com or visit www.mfnerc.org/shop/

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