Education Directors discuss FNEA

Education Directors, Principals and Vice-Principals met in Wpg last week for further discussions on the proposed First Nations Education Act (FNEA).

Roundtable discussions
Roundtable discussions

A large amount of information was shared and discussed, as First Nations educators from all over the province came together again to deliberate this very critical issue.
In short, a review of the current proposal for a FNEA was shared, including a summary of its contents, as well as many problems and oversights.

Dennis Whitebird and Marcel Balfour of AMC, and Gwen Merrick of MFNERC were on hand to answer questions and clarify issues. The Chiefs of Manitoba have rejected the proposed legislation and created a document entitled “Unified Position Re: Rejection of Canada’s FNEA”.  This document was distributed.

A plan for developing and implementing a First Nations Education Law was examined , as well as a draft First Nation Education Law template. These documents were developed by MFNERC and “are to be used as a guide or a starting point for First Nations who want to enact their own law on education based on the needs and desires of the people.”

There will, no doubt, be further dialogue on the FNEA at the community level and beyond. Here at MFNERC we will try to keep you posted on developments as they happen and if you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us.

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