Education Directors Meet in Winnipeg

First Nation Schools in Manitoba are administered by locally elected School Boards and/or Education Authorities.

Jean Malcolm, Principal (l) and Carrie Sutherland, Education Director (r) from Peguis First Nation

And throughout the school year, MFNERC hosts roundtables for the Education Directors that chair these boards. These roundtables offer the Directors a chance to meet, network, share ideas and common concerns.
Last week, March 7 & 8 was just such a time for the province’s Education Directors to get together and discuss everything from their schools’ data management policies to leadership strategies. “Right now our school is preparing for the Spring flooding, what we’re going to do when the river crests, if there’s an emergency situation,” states Carrie Sutherland, Education Director from Peguis First Nation School Board. And to hear how other schools handle these kinds of issues is exactly what these networking opportunities are for. To learn from each other.
Other topics covered during the two days included: An update from the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs; Special Education Programs; and MFNERC’s Private Home Placement Program.


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