Welcome to this year’s Circle of Knowledge & Practices (CKP) Virtual Conference!

October 22, 2021

This year’s theme is Creating Student Engagement.

Student engagement is when students show up to class excited to learn, participate, and demonstrate a positive attitude. Successful student engagement is the outcome of fostering healthy and safe relationships, providing productive instructional strategies, and supporting social and emotional development.

Creating and maintaining student engagement in a meaningful and culturally appropriate learning environment will mean developing and sustaining those opportunities for students. Inclusive education, academic subjects, and physical education, based on a foundation of First Nations languages and cultures, will impact students’ drive to succeed in school and strengthen their sense of identity. Classroom management strategies to land-based activities will increase students’ attention and focus, and motivate them to get involved and stay involved in school. Teachers will build a structured and solid place of learning where students are encouraged to participate, challenge themselves and succeed.

CKP will focus on student engagement. Student participation in curricula, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are linked to higher learning and personal development. At this year’s conference, workshop topics, panel discussions will include:

• How is engagement evolving since the pandemic?
• How do we engage with and utilize the student voice?
• Student retention in First Nations
• How First Nations languages and cultures can lead student engagement

MFNERC will host the conference through its online digital environment through interactive presentations, online sessions, and other activities to inspire and motivate educators and students alike.

Register today: https://mfnerc.org/events/circle-of-knowledge-and-practices-virtual-conference-2021/registration/