Circle of Knowledge & Practices Conference

The 2018 conference is October 4th & 5th at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre in Winnipeg.

This year’s conference theme:


On December 6, 2016, the Government of Canada announced a commitment to enact an Indigenous Languages Act, co-developed with Indigenous Peoples, with the goal of ensuring the preservation, promotion and revitalization of First Nations languages. Consultations with First Nations across Canada revealed that culture and language combine to form the foundation of Indigenous identities, philosophies and worldviews. Consequently, preservation, promotion and revitalization efforts must appropriately consider these components within a legislative framework that must be put in place and enacted.

The 2018 Circle of Knowledge & Practices Conference will recognize and celebrate First Nations languages. We must preserve, revitalize, and maintain First Nations languages to fully understand and embrace our unique histories, cultural practices, and traditional political and social systems.

Learning of language and fluency is the goal for current and future generations. Learning about language is knowing and understanding the history, culture, traditional values, and evolution of the languages. Learning through language is the key to Indigenous perspectives, shedding light on self-identity, nationhood, connection to the land, intergenerational knowledge, the intrinsic relationships to all living beings, and mino-bimaadiziwin, a good life.

Workshops and presentations at this year’s conference will focus on language and culture, and they will explore innovative practices, strategies, and solutions that schools and communities can share to ensure thriving First Nations languages.

Registration is now open.

Registration for the conference is required by all. MFNERC partnered schools are not required to pay registration fees. However, other school divisions and institutions are required to do so.

Registration fees:

Adult: $50.00/person
Student: $25.00/person
Elders: Free
Hotel Reservations at the Victoria Inn:

Guest Room Rate of $115.00 + taxes, per room, per night.

For more event information contact:
1.866.319.4857 or 204.594.1290 

Download the Conference-at-a-Glance (PDF)

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