Circle of Knowledge & Practices Conference

The 2017 conference is October 5th & 6th at the Victoria Inn Hotel and Convention Centre in Winnipeg.

Indigenous Knowledge, Science & Technology

This year’s conference will highlight school activities that promote science and technology. If your school program is making a difference for your students, we would invite you to apply to present by contacting Events[at]mfnerc[dot]com.

Registration for the conference is required by all. MFNERC partnered schools are not required to pay registration fees. However, other school divisions and institutions are required to do so.

Registration fees:

Adult: $50.00/person
Student: $25.00/person
Elders: Free
Hotel Reservations at the Victoria Inn:

Guest Room Rate of $115.00 + taxes, per room, per night.

For more event information contact:
1.866.319.4857 or 204.594.1290