Gator Beaulieu Wednesday, May 19, 12:10pm CST

This successful young talent is from Ebb and Flow First Nation in Treaty 2 Territory and Sandy Bay First Nation in Treaty 1 Territory. Gator’s most recent single “Hard Hearted Woman” made it to #1 on the Indigenous Countdown! Congratulations Gator!


Mikey Harris Wednesday, May 19, 12:35pm CST

Incredibly talented Mikey Harris is an Indigenous dancer and choreographer from Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. He specializes in his own unique style where he fuses traditional Métis jigging with Hip Hop. Mikey has professionally performed across North America for 14 years at multiple events such as the 2010 Winter Olympics, Parliament Hill New Year’s Bash and the Indigenous Music Awards. He is the co-director of Ikigai Collective and the leader of the Ivan Flett Memorial Dancers. Mikey has trained in LA, New York, Toronto, Detroit and Calgary. He continues to work on his craft and pursue his dream of dance. Check out Mikey on TikTok and Instagram @mikeyharris

Rhonda Head Thursday, May 20, 12:10pm CST

Rhona Head is an award-winning mezzo-soprano from Opaskwayak Cree Nation in northern Manitoba. She has received 14 nominations and won six international music awards since she began her music career in 2010. She writes lyrics in her Indigenous Cree Language and composes her melodies based on the landscape in her home reserve. Rhonda is pleased to share her music with you!  She says, “No matter what language you sing in, you can hear the beauty of the music through the melody.”


Conway Kootenay Thursday, May 20, 12:35pm CST

Conway, aka Smudge Pan, has garnered national attention through his online sketch comedy series. With millions of views and thousands of followers, Conway is quickly becoming one of the nation’s most talked about Indigenous comedians. Some might say he is “Real Deadly.”

As an actor and stunt man, Conway was in the Oscar-winning film The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy. He had the lead role in Georgina Lightning’s film Grandmother’s Medicine and recently finished doing stunt work for the hit Netflix television series Outlander, Season 4.

If that was not enough, Conway is also a Men’s Chicken Dance champion who travels the powwow circuit across North America every summer.


Dr. Winston Wuttunee Friday, May 21, 12:10pm CST

Dr. Winston Wuttunee is a renowned Cree entertainer and respected Elder. Wuttunee’s songs carry strong messages of cultural pride to help his people through difficult situations such as suicide, lost identity, and drug and alcohol abuse. Storytelling is his method of reaching out and sharing Traditional Knowledge and the Cree language. Wuttunee is the proud recipient of the 2013 Indspire Award for Culture, Heritage and Spirituality, and he received an honorary doctorate from the University of Manitoba in 2019. Wuttunee is originally from Eagle Hills, Saskatchewan.


HeartSmart Kids Friday, May 21, 12:35pm CST

HeartSmart Kids is Heart & Stroke’s free program designed to help educators enhance lessons related to holistic health behaviours, with information on nutrition, physical activity, screen time, nature, mindfulness, and more. This 20-minute presentation will provide an overview of the program and information on registration and ordering free activity books for students. 

We will also discuss our downloadable activities from HeartSmart Kids at Home, which expands on the lessons from HeartSmart Kids in areas such as vaping awareness, our connection to the community, and understanding feelings. These resources are all free of charge and, although only available in English and French, include phrases and encourage use of traditional Indigenous languages. If educators register and order free books for their classroom by the end of May, they can enter to win one of 25 prize packages, including 25 pieces of equipment for their school gym. 

For more information check out: https://www.heartandstroke.ca/