Tik Tok Challenge

MFNERC TikTok Challenge Alert!

The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre challenges you to share your art and dance skills on TikTok by using the song Electric Pow Wow Drum by The Halluci Nation. Get creative while exploring your First Nations traditional language and culture.

Post your video and photos and make sure to add the hashtag #LTF2021. 

This MFNERC TikTok challenge is open to educators, school staff and students – anyone ages 13 and up is encouraged to get involved and have fun!

Winners will win Visa gift cards, have their TikToks posted on MFNERC’s social media platforms, and will be announced at the Lighting the Fire Virtual Conference May 19-21.

All honourable mentions will be posted on MFNERC’s social media platforms.

Time is TICKing, let’s get creative! 

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