First Nations Educational Leadership Strategy

“To know where we’re going, we have to know where we’ve come from.”

Agnes Carlson. Language Specialist, from Thompson MB participates in a roundtable discussion.

Today and tomorrow (May 2-3, 2013) at the Victoria Inn, Education Directors and Instructors from around Manitoba are meeting to discuss how instructional leaders can use strategic planning as a tool to support their immediate education priorities. Group discussions, presentations, and knowledge sharing are all all the agenda, with specific focus being placed on: defining strategic planning, answering why it is important to First Nations education, detailing how it can be applied to student and teacher success; as well as identifying priorities, developing strategies & sharing resources that the instructors can take back to their communities.

Elvis Thompson, Education Director from Nelson House, shares what his community values about education.

Participants from as far away as Nelson House were eager to share what their community values when it comes to education. “Every community is different, that’s why it’s so important to find out from people what they want, what parents want for their children, and then go from there,” stated Nora Murdock, Education Director from Fisher River Cree Nation. “We have to let the people push us in the direction they want they want to go.”

The session concludes today at 3pm.

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