Gathering of Friends 2023 – Inter-School Pow Wow

Two little fancy dancers in full regalia.

“Niigaan Indaabidaa” (Let’s Look to the Future), the namesake of this year’s Gathering of Friends – Inter-school Pow Wow, was held on Ginew School grounds, in the community of Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation. On the bright warm and sunny days of May 11th, 12th, and 19th, hundreds of youths, and children from school divisions all over the southern region of Manitoba came together to start off this year’s Pow Wow season.

To the beat of the drum and the pounding of little feet against the earth, our communities came together to celebrate their unique and rich cultures, histories, songs, dances, and languages. We give humble thanks to Ginew School for all their hard work and dedication that made this event possible. Gatherings like this are a fundamental part of developing pride and strength in our identities as well as preserving our knowledge for future generations.

The children are truly at the heart of everything MFNERC, MFNSS, and all our education centers are trying to do. They are our future, our most precious gift from the creator; through their eyes, we see the world anew and can imagine a brighter tomorrow.

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