Gathering of Friends

Boozhoo! (Greetings!) Welcome to the 15th Annual Gathering of Friends Education Celebration.

Every year, MFNERC co-hosts The Gathering of Friends at Ginew School. It  is a unique opportunity to celebrate the values, culture and history of Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation. We come together in this way to learn about our greatest treasure – our culture and traditions – from each other’s stories and knowledge. Attending this event will enrich your understanding of the Anishinaabe nation and culture, and you are warmly welcome May 19 from 9am – 3pm.

Ginew School

By sharing our stories, songs, ceremonies and traditions, our children have an opportunity to see their inheritance anew. As young people grow in their understanding and respect for Anishinaabe culture, they put increasing value on their role in carrying that knowledge forward to future generations. In this way, their value and pride in self builds a strong foundation for our nation and for beautiful friendships with all our relations.

We have been overwhelmed with the response to this event, and our desire to share our culture and teachings with neighboring communities, and we will continue to make our contribution to the education of all of our children.

2015 Gathering of Friends

Roseau River is an Ojibwe-speaking, Anishinaabe community located in Anishinaabe territory, also known as Treaty 1 territory. The people of Roseau River have a strong history in the Red River and Pembina Valleys. The Ojibwe of Manitoba, Western Ontario, North Dakota and Northern Minnesota were known as Zoong-gi-de Anishinaabe, the “Strong Heart People” in recognition of their bravery.


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