“Grassroots Anthology” Sneak Peek

We are very excited to announce that we will soon be publishing a Grassroots Anthology with short stories, poems, fine art and photography by Manitoba’s First Nations artists.

Here are the opening paragraphs of one of the short stories entitled Origin Relations by Walter M. Young:

“In the vast northern reaches of the boreal shield, there lays a stretch of land lush with greenery and an abundance of life. Nestled within those majestic sentinels, where winter has outgrown autumn, an institution of faith had adopted into its bosom seventy-eight aboriginal children. This particular residential school was run by none other than Father Richard Henry Piccard, a gentleman of stern principles and harsh demeanour.

Most residents of Fisher River would find the old priest in his second floor office, staring out the window. In fact, he stood there now, clutching his weighty, silver cross between his calloused fingers. His ghostly, wrinkled countenance observed an overcast of baleful weather looming outside. A small row of students stood behind him. The aging Father already knew how he would punish these ‘savages’.

Like a gargoyle statue pivoting on its dais, he turned on his heels and stood with his hands behind his back. Father Piccard thought how miserable those whelps appeared. The three boys wore faded pairs of brown trousers and olive sleeved shirts. A set of black suspenders hung from their slender shoulders. The girl was garbed in a grey gown. They’d been living there a week and they’d somehow managed to land in Father Piccard’s ill conceits.”

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