Happy International Women’s Day!

It began as a simple question in honour of International Women’s Day:
Is there a woman in your life who has inspired you?

This question was put forth to the MFNERC staff, and the response was so incredibly heartfelt and moving. We feel very blessed to be able to share these inspirational women with you.
Happy International Women’s Day!

“The biggest inspiration in my life is my Mom. She battled cancer and won, and her strength inspires me every day.”
–       Kimberly Kakegamic

“My Mom, as she taught me that there is no adversity that cannot be overcome, and most importantly she taught me what unconditional love is.”
–       Susy Komishin

“’Doc Goddess’ Cheri Frazer’s work ethic, helpfulness, and general smarts inspired me to become an editor.”
–       Kirby Gilman

“My late mother is my biggest inspiration…..she lost the battle with cancer 4 ½ years ago, but she taught me and my three siblings life lessons that I will pass on to my granddaughter and future grandchildren.”
–       Dianne Roulette

“The biggest inspiration in my life is my mom. She taught me how to handle money at a young age and to be organized.”
–       Gertrude Sanderson

“My daughter inspires me every day….to be a better person”
–       Bryanna McKay

“My mother inspired me to work hard every day, and aspire to become a leader. I watched her career progress from a building office cleaner, to an administrative support, to a manager in one of the biggest government organizations in Canada. She attended work every single day and worked hard to make a life for our family.”
–       MFNERC staff member

“I’d like to pay my respect to my Grandmother Florence Hamilton, who is now in the spirit world. She was my Midwife, and also to many other people in our community and around our little town. She delivered a baby on a train, in a bush plane, and in homes without the aid of a professional doctor or nurse. She even delivered her grandson who was breech! She was a very strong woman, had many children of her own, many many Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren and Great Great Grandchildren.  She lived until she was 92 years of age. I honor her strength which she has passed to her daughters….Ekosani Kinanaskomitan….”
–       Audrey Fourre

“I have been inspired by many women throughout my life; my sisters, aunties, teachers, friends, grandma, Mom….they all continue to believe in me and to love me for exactly who I am!”
–       Flora Trueman

“My mom is my inspiration because she lives by her beliefs and values.  Despite living with a debilitating chronic condition, rheumatoid arthritis since she was 18 years old, at 71 she is still positive and outgoing in her thoughts and encourages everyone to go for it!  She is the rock in our family, quiet and unassuming but very powerful influence!”
–       Brenda Delorme

“My Momma Ruth, a distinguished  Cree Lady from Fisher River. Mom could speak her language fluently, was self taught in reading and writing, an all-around intelligent and inspirational women with an “At Home Mom Ph. D”!!  Momma didn’t have the opportunity to go to school a day in her life, because her own mother had a vision impairment and she had to help raise all 8 of her brothers. Momma also raised  her own family of 8, as Dad passed away at an early age. Momma left 2 years ago at the age of 95, A truly loved,  Honored  and Beautiful Women!”
–       Marcella McCorrister

“A great tribute to our mothers and grandmothers of today and yesterday….our organization reflects the power of women…it makes me so very proud to see so many of our women taking that leap of faith to attain a higher education…I certainly could not do my job without the support and guidance of our female colleagues…ekosi…”
–       Lorne Keeper

My mother, Marie Thomas, is best known for her genuine caring nature, and has dedicated her entire life to caring for others. She grew up in Sherridon, MB and was known widely for her beautiful sense of humour and contagious smile. She married Mike in 1961 and recently celebrated fifty years of marriage. Throughout our lives the Thomas home was a hub for neighborhood children in Thompson, Manitoba, to gather and play because of Marie’s gentle and caring manner. Marie and Mike also opened their hearts and home to many children as foster parents for over twenty years. Marie returned to school to pursue her career in Social Work, after recognizing her passion to care for others, particularly children. She worked for the Awasis Agency in Thompson for fourteen years, where she assisted many families and children, before retiring at the age of 62. These  days, Marie continues  to spend her time surrounded  by children. She is Granny to four loving grandchildren. She is also great grandmother to one great-granddaughter, Zailey (6). These children are her absolute pride and joy, and keep her smiling and young-at-heart.”
–       Valerie Thomas


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