Huge Turnout for the First Annual First Nations Cross-Country Meet

The first annual First Nations Cross-Country Meet took place at La Barrière Park today. Students from all over Manitoba met up in St. Norbert to participate. Some communities flew in from the north, others bussed in, and by the time registration was complete, 250 youth were ready to race.

This event is unique because it includes everyone. All First Nations schools received an invitation to join, whether they were with MFNERC, MFNSS, Frontier, or independently run.

Mike Thomas, MFNSS Physical Education & Health Facilitator, was surprised but elated at the turnout. He initially anticipated 50 kids, but registrations kept pouring in. “We had 250 participants today, but there are coaches, teachers, chaperones, bus drivers as well, so really we had over 300 people attend this event,” says Thomas. “That shows us there is a big need for positive events like this one, and that there is high interest in these gatherings for the youth. I feel euphoric, and I’m thrilled with how things went. No one got hurt, the kids were excited, and people came up to me to tell me how their kids were training for this, that they were excited to come here. That’s what it’s all about for me.”

Cross Country Track Meet from MFNERC on Vimeo.

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