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The Imagination Library and the Resource Centre Start a New Chapter

The Manitoba First Nation Education Resource Centre (the Resource Centre) has proudly partnered with the Dollywood Foundation to ensure new readers on 38 First Nations will receive books as part of Dolly’s book gifting program.  The Dolly Parton Imagination Library puts books, each month, into the hands of children throughout Canada, USA, and Australia. Dolly’s philosophy? If you can read, you can do anything, dream anything and be anything. 

Families can register their children, from birth to age four, who are then provided with the free, brand-new books through Canada Post.  The books are delivered in the child’s name, until they graduate from the Program when they turn five.

The presence of books in the home supports the child’s academic, social and emotional development. The Resource Centre has always believed children’s learning capacity is enhanced when their experiences are nurtured in a caring, safe environment. Children can develop a strong bond with their parents or caregivers by snuggling up and reading together, even if it only for 15 minutes a day.  The Resource Centre hopes to include books that depict First Nations’ cultures, within the next year, as an add-on to the Imagination Library.

February is “I Love to Read” month and its focus is the importance of reading and all its many benefits.  Reading can make a huge difference in a child’s academic success, speech & language development and confidence.  Both Dolly and the Resource Centre want to inspire children and families to love books and reading! 

All information submitted is considered strictly confidential and is not shared.

Please include the parent/caregiver’s name, mailing address, postal code, the child’s/ children’s name and date(s) of birth. If you would like a greeting from Dolly on your child’s birthdate, and a congratulatory message when they turn five, please include your email address as well.

For more info, please contact Karyn Davis, Imagination Library Coordinator:

Cell Phone: (204) 249-0236

Work Phone: (204) 594-1290 Ext. 2344

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