Island Lake Regional Education Conference

Holding onto Values – Navigating the Trends
St. Theresa Point, Manitoba
February 26 & 27, 2013

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“Imagine being in a canoe and steering it on a river. The canoe as your vehicle is reliant on your skills of steering, turning, advancing, holding, and balancing as the waves and currents lash themselves upon it. Your goal is to ride that river without upset, without damage, without losing to it. This is a lot like what is happening in First Nations education today. Our canoe is representative of the values we uphold and the traditional teachings that they carry. The river is the trends we experience in education, always moving, always churning. We as educators hold the responsibility of navigating that canoe on the river. This is not, never has been, nor ever will be an easy task and we need to support each other in it if we are to carry on those traditions into the future. This is the theme of this conference and we welcome and invite you to paddle with us.”

–  Tanya Dawn McDougall, St. Theresa Point Middle School

St. Theresa Point First Nation, in Partnership with Garden Hill First Nation, Wasagamack First Nation, Red Sucker Lake First Nation, Ebb and Flow First Nation, Keeseekoowenin Ojibway First Nation and Team 4-MFNERC, Proudly Presents the Island Lake Regional Education Conference.

The Conference will Include:

  • Leadership, Elders, youth, community, parents/guardians, and educators
  • Celebration of customs and traditions through sharing circles, storytelling, and lodges
  • Showcase of St. Theresa Point’s beautiful new school
  • Entertainment (snow mobile rides, tobogganing, snow shoeing, bonfires, and many more fun activities that can only happen within the northern communities!)
  • Home cooked breakfast, lunch, and supper (will be provided for both days)
  • Prizes and gifts for participants
  • Over 30 exciting workshops with guest speakers and presenters from throughout the Manitoba region
  • Around 500 participants!

For accommodations please call the St. Theresa Point Motel, Chornoby’s on Stevenson Island, or Rick’s Lodge. Billeting will also be available.

For registration please contact:
Valerie Cook
(204) 594-1290 ext. 2149

Conference Coordinator:
Marcella McCorrister
School Planning Specialist (Team Leader)
Phone (204) 594-1290

For more information please contact:
Rhonda Flett, St. Theresa Point Middle School (204) 462-2640
Louis Mason, St. Theresa Point Middle School  (204) 462-2640
Ian McDougall, St. Theresa Point Middle School (204) 462-2600

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