Join Us on June 20th for the Official Launch

Tipiskawi Kisik: Night Sky Star Stories by Wilfred Buck at McNally Robinson

Wednesday June 20, 7:00pm
Grant Park in the Atrium
Featuring special guest Rosanna Deerchild

Like the night sky above, Tipiskawi Kisik holds a myriad of tales rooted in an Ininew (Cree) perspective. An exploration of stars and constellations—and their associated mythologies—will greet you with age-old knowledge held by Indigenous people prior to European contact. Through Wilfred Buck’s creative, spiritual, and intelligent understanding of the stars, it will be easy to imagine yourself flying inside the Milky Way with Niska (the Goose) or chasing Mista Muskwa (the Great Bear), just like Tepakoop Pinesisuk (the Seven Birds). Above all, these stories can be passed on to the next generation, so they will know of the rich history, science practices, and culture of the Ininew people. 

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